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Production and sale of extra virgin oil

Buy in the mill
with the garantee of the producer.
Sizes. Bottles and tin cans
Shipments to Italy and abroad.

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Pressing for companies and individuals

Cataloni mill treats olives from small and medium local companies.

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The plant is a continuous cold extraction

2 or 3 extraction phases crunching and extraction at low temperature, so as to keep all the quality.

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The Cataloni Miranda oil mill,

in addition to processing olives,

offers a range of services in each phase,

aimed at satisfying private customers and companies

  • D.O.P. and Bio certifications

  • Oil Analysis

  • Bottling for third parties


Discover Cataloni Miranda mill through our photos


the mill grants quality

You will be sure to have a true umbrian extra virgin oil, not altered by imported olive oil or countefeits.

We select 'Moraiole' olives,

an appreciated variety that characterised a good part of Umbria. The oil has a strong organoleptic presence, medium spicy and fruity aroma.

A passion for exellence

during every phase, our attention is on quality, taking care of the olive groves, picking and milling of the olives, so as to abtain an extraordinary first pressing oil.

Bring health to the table

the high contents of ‘squalene’ and poliphenols, in the ‘Moraiole’ olives,
give particular healthy characteristics that add to the value of the oil.

We take the 'right' time.

The olives are kept until the pressing, for no more than 48 hours after having been picked at the right time.  This, garantees the oil high quality

A superior category product

The ‘e.v.o.’ is cold extracted, so as to best express its chemical and organleptic content. A product with high quality standards.



olio nuovo

The new oil has come!

The Cataloni Oil Mill has been open since October 20 for the pressing of the first…

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Time for pruning

Cutting back is a fundamental annual process. It is as important as olive picking. Dry or…

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It happened 4 years ago

The NY100C is the biggest and most important world competition to establish the quality of the…

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Since 1988, we have admired the great professionalism towards the biological olive culture. In 2001 we won as the best umbro biological extra virgin olive oil, with a mention to the cleaneness of the mill and the extraction quality.

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Nido del Falcone

Azienda Agricola

Cataloni is an example of professionalism. Its extra virgin olive oil, is the top expression for the alto orvietano territory. Visiting the mill, one is impressed by the professionalism of the workers and the cleaneness of the plant. After having tasted the oil, one can but buy the product.