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Cutting back is a fundamental annual process. It is as important as olive picking.
Dry or winter pruning includes all types of pruning.
It takes place during the rest period of the olive tree, between March and February.
In every olive grove, attention is paid to the terrain, the climate and to the type of olive. Also, of the olive tree age and of its reaction to pruning. The end result is a particular system of pruning, that favour the best growth.. All share the attention to keep the inside of the olive clean of branches, so as to let air, light, sun and even birds through.
All the pruning typologies aim to let the olives grow along the branches and to favour the growth of the tree, especially during less productive periods. We must, also, remember that each tree responds in a unique manner. Cutting back, also, takes into account the rain. It can damage the branches. We suggest to (1) Cut back in the opposite way to the bud. (2) Cut only smallish branches, as the pruning takes energy away from the all of the roots system. (3 More frequent but light and specific cutting. 

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