Today, as yesterday, we personally follow the activities of the mill, always with the same passion. Our work consists in the attention paid to the choice of the olives, to the environment and to the final production. So as to valorise the teritory and its genuine products.

From 1993 the mill is family run

The firm is a modern structure, with an old earth. This is to satisfy modern higenic rules. The passion that the owners and their daughters have, is  allied to the modern innovations, so as to better the quality of the extra virgin olive oil and of the mill services.

Only first pressing of e.v.o

The modern machinery allows to extract the oil in the traditional manner, without altering its taste. The olive are washed and crushed. The paste is then kneaded in a protected atmosphere and through centrifugal force,  first pressing oil is obtained. Strictly by cold extraction. The oil, thus made, keeps all its qualities unaltered. The Cataloni Miranda mill is authorised to use the D.O.P. and Biological denominations.

  • Production and selling of e.v.o. oil
  • Guaranty of Umbrian oil e.v.o.

  • Shipmenets to Italy and abroad

  • Olive processing for third parties

  • D.O.P. and Biological certificates

  • Oil analisis

  • Bottling for third parties

  • Home, olive collection

  • Pressing, guaranteed within 48 hour
  • Visit and oil testing in the mill

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The olives present in Umbria, such as the Moraiolo,  Frantoio and Leccino are picked at the right time and, generally, manually. They are put in perforated boxes and taken to the mill, where they are grinded within 48 hour, to guarantee the high quality of the olive oil.

Two operations are fundamental for the quality of the future oil.
The first is machine made, to separate all the twigs and impurities. The washing clears up all traces of soil that could impoverish the oil. The washing is done by immerging the olives in apposite washing machines.

The olive crushing is done by machines. A modern continuous crusher produces a semi-fluid pasta i.e. the olive paste. During the operation, particular attention is paid to the termperature and to the quality of the ‘dough’.

It is during this process that the oil drop is formed. It will, later, be separated. It takes place in a controlled temperature and in a protected atmosphere. Our machine has 5 compartments that avoid ossidation of the paste. A thing that could alter the organolectic properties, the total deterioration of the poliphenols and the modification of the color.

It is done through a latest generation centrifugal extractor, Pieralisi at 2 or 3 phases. It works at cold temperature, with a low use of water. Thus, the high quality of the product is garanteed. The water is separated from the oil, through a vertical decanter, working on the centrifugal force,

The extra virgin oil, thus obtained, is kept at a costant 12c temperature in inox steel barrels, ermetically closed and kept away from light and air. It will be bottled, after a brief decanting process, during which the oil is constantly analised and tasted.

Since 1988, we have admired the great professionalism towards the biological olive culture. In 2001 we won as the best umbro biological extra virgin olive oil, with a mention to the cleaneness of the mill and the extraction quality.

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Nido del Falcone

Azienda Agricola

Cataloni is an example of professionalism. Its extra virgin olive oil, is the top expression for the alto orvietano territory. Visiting the mill, one is impressed by the professionalism of the workers and the cleaneness of the plant. After having tasted the oil, one can but buy the product.

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