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Cataloni Miranda oil mill is at Monteleone d’Orvieto (TR). A land that is bordering Tuscany and between Terni and Perugia provinces.The territory is composed by medium, high hills at 500 meters above sea level. Olive groves are part and parcel of the panorama. Some say that they go back to Etruscan times.

Monteleone d’Orvieto is a small medieval village, with splendid monuments,  rich in history and traditions. It is sorrounded by woods, heaths and by land storically associated with the cultivation of olive groves. Today, they represent exellence, environment, panoramas and turism. The S.S. Umbro-Casentinese runs along it.

This land has been given the recognition of D.O.P. (denomitation of protected origin) Umbria and with the writing “Colli Orvietani”, due to its unique terrain and cultivation method. The oil comes from the Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino olive trees variety.

Here, our olive groves enjoy a priviliged position, characterized by a tufa and stony  terrain, with a particular micro- climate. All fundamental elements for the cultivation of the tree and for a secure and productive growth of its fruits. Man’s works is in total respect of the splendid ecosystem that nature has given to this land.

Our family history and work tells of the love for the land and for the region, Umbria the green heart of Italy. The landscape is soft and harmonious, with lovely views and with a great variety of places, offering enogastromic itinery and the chance to discover the exellences that have made famous this land.